Friday, September 24, 2010

Draw Me Close

If you read the previous post, you know that my recent visit home did not unfold quite as I had envisioned, but it worked out in the end. While I was in that period of emotional upheaval however, a wonderful opportunity presented itself. The music minister of my home church had a cancellation and asked me to sing a solo in all three morning services! Singing in my home church was a privilege I had not experienced since moving away over seven years ago, and I was thrilled. Then, the aforementioned problems arose, and my heart was burdened.

The turmoil pressed me to focus more than ever on God's sustaining grace, sufficient for every day. As I practiced the song, I concentrated on Him. As I performed the sound check early that Sunday morning, I concentrated on Him. And as I stood before the congregation in each service, I concentrated on Him. The silver lining to the turmoil swirling around me was that I got "out of my own way" and let God have control. And He took my meager ability and blessed it, making all the difference.

As I was leaving the church that day, I realized there had been very few times when I had stepped forward to sing in public and everything was peachy in my life. More often than not, a storm was brewing or there was some external thing which forced me to lean on Him more fully in order to accomplish the feat. My weakness became His strength.

While I would never ask for more turmoil, I am quite thankful that He uses those times to draw me closer to His side, where His peace, power, and beauty can shine through.

How does His power shine through your storm clouds?

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  1. This afternoon I saw His power and HIS Hand in my storm!! A dead battery in my car left me stranded in the Stein Mark parking lot. Yet, I saw over and over how His care for me had brought me to the place where I had what I needed to get help today.

    Although I was completely unaware of the events that would unfold for me today, HE was not surprised...........not surprised at all. In fact, He had put things in place as long as a year ago so that I would have what I needed today to walk through this storm.

    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!! Sing it, sister Terri!!!!